Admission Procedure

    • Application for admission should be made in the prescribed form available as a hard copy in the office or a soft copy online.
    • At the time of the admission the parents/guardians must furnish the Transfer Certificate from the school last attended with satisfactory evidence of the date of birth.
    • Children seeking admission from outside Karnataka state should get their Transfer Certificate counter signed by the Deputy Director of Public Instruction of the respective state.
    • Children below 3 years 6 months will not be given admission to LKG.
    • The name of the student, the name of the parent, caste indicated, date of birth (furnished with proof) given at the time of admission cannot be altered at the school level. Alterations, if any can happen only on production of a COURT DECREE.
    • The parents of SC, ST and OBC students must produce valid certificates verified and attested by the Sub Registrar / Tahsildar.


When an application is received from the parent or guardian for the Transfer Certificate of a child, in between the academic year, it will be issued only when all dues have been paid (one full term fee).

Fees payment

      • The tuition fee is charged for a period of 12 months.
      • Pupils attending classes for a part or a term must pay the tuition fee for the whole term.
      • All fees must be paid by the 20th of the specified month that is bimonthly/half yearly or if preferred in whole in June.
      • If a delay of payment beyond the 15th of the specified month, a pupil is liable to pay Rs 5/- per day as a fine.
      • Pupils have no right to sit for an examination until all dues are cleared.
      • All payments are to be made directly to the cashier at the office.
      • On no account will a Transfer Certificate be given to a pupil whose fees have not been fully paid.
      • Fees or any other payment once made will not be refunded.
      • The tuition fee includes computer fee and Smart class fee.

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