Origin & History

Sun Valley Public School is established and managed under Suprabhata educational trust. our school was founded in the year 2011 by a group of like minded foreign returned individuals with a sole intention of providing quality education to rural and semi-urban students.

From the time of its existence,the school is striving to provide the highest standards of education. The emphasis is not just on making a child intellectually strong but also making him/her physically and mentally tough and providing a holistic development opportunity to prepare them for responsible adulthood.

Every aspect of our school from curriculum planning to classroom designing is carefully and creatively planned to ensure a congenial atmosphere for academic growth and intellectual pursuit. Our school believes in integrating various traditional and modern methods to make learning fun for children.

School is located in a 3 acre campus surrounded with lush greenery and serene beauty, away from the congestion and pollution filled urban areas making it an ideal housing for an educational institution.