About us

Our vision is to provide a holistic personality development of the child ,with a strong emphasis on moral values so that our children grow up to become future leaders of our country.


  • Making our school the best school in the vicinity.
  • To be able to give good quality leaders to the society.
  • To keep pace with the latest developments and make our children adjust to it with ease.
  • To grow and open a college offering pre-university and university level courses
  • An awareness for the environment
  • A concern for the society and the less fortunate

To keep pace with the latest developments our teachers undergo periodic orientation and training programmes.

We review our performance periodically and make suitable modifications to keep pace with the changing needs of the students and the society.we nurture in the children an awareness and appreciation of nature,art,dance and music by developing their talents through training in their disciplines.we provide a culturally and intellectually enriched environment to encourage the children to think and express their ideas and convictions freely.our school fosters openness and mutual respect to everybody, be it students, teachers or the society as a whole.

We encourage the children to participate in a variety of competitive and recreational sports.

Using innovative teaching methods, we ensure that the children thoroughly understand the fundamental concepts in all subjects, while making learning easy, exciting and meaningful.